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  • Charities and NGO's

    There are many charities operating throughout Sumatra so find one that is nearest to you or one that you want to support.
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    Sumatra is a world renowned destination and a lot of Sumatra is yet to be discovered by the western world so what better place than to discover and plan your travel on
  • Hotels, Motels, & Lodging

    If you're travelling throughout Sumatra it can be hard to find the right place to stay. Find a hotel, motel or lodging that works for you.
  • Restaurants and Cafes

    Tasting the local food in Sumatra is a must to get a good feel for the culture and the variations of food found throughout the provinces. Find your ideal eatery here.
  • Services

    Services found throughout Sumatra from car mechanics and bike mechanics to vets across Sumatra.
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    Shop online or find local stores in the places where you are staying right here.
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    Find the transport you need to get around Sumatra.


  • Aceh

    The Aceh province sits on the north west of Sumatra and is home to a diverse cultures and plenty of fantastic places to explore.
  • Bangka-Belitung

    A relatively new province but is a gem location to explore and is mostly an untouched paradise surrounded by 100's of islands.
  • Bengkulu

    Home to Rafflesia Arnoldi flower and great historical sites found throughout the city of Bengkulu and not the least the home to baby Bona.
  • Jambi

    Jambi is in central Sumatra and borders with 4 other provinces and contains two national parks with amazing wildlife and eco tours.
  • Lampung

    Lampung connects by ferry to the island of Java and attractions include Way Kambas National Park and the beautiful breaking waves of Krui.
  • North Sumatra

    Based on the Malacca Straight that divides Sumatra from Malaysia with the capital city being Medan. North Sumatra is a popular stop over destination.
  • Riau

    Riau with it's capital city being Pekanbaru and close to neighbouring Singapore is a diverse province with a lot to offer.
  • Riau Islands

    With a plethora of islands in this province to explore the Riau islands have much to offer with the island of Batam being the most populated island of the Riau archipelago.
  • South Sumatra

    Bordering Lampung, Bengkulu and Jambi with the main city of Palembang, south Sumatra the province has lots of history to learn about and explore.
  • West Sumatra

    On the west coast of Sumatra is the province of West Sumatra with the capital city of Padang. The province is diverse and scattered with the beautiful mountains of Bukit Tinggi.