About mySumatra is born from a need to bring light to a beautiful part of the workd that not many people are aware of. assists foreigners visiting Sumatra and creates opportunities for local businesses and services to connect to the tourist trade. mySumatra is presented in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. The English version focuses on the tourist trade while the Bahasa Indonesia version focuses on building a directory of loca businesses and services. These too versions merge as one to provide potential foreign visitors a place to source their destinations within Sumatra, while at the same time connecting with local businesses and resources to assist with their visit.

Join and show off this beautiful island of Sumatra and the unique provinces and islands that make up this unique part of Indonesia and a special place to visit.

To the many travellers and also the locals living within Sumatra this is a one stop solution for local businesses and western visitors. From travel destinations to local resources to assist in your travels it can all be found within in both english and Bahasa Indonesia.

“mySumatra brings travellers to Sumatra and helps connect them with local businesses and resources”

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How mySumatra Works

mySumatra is an online destination to show off the magic that Sumatra is and host the hard to come by businesses and resources that are found within vast island.
mySumatra is a multilingual website written in english and Bahasa Indonesia. The english language version targets the travellers and the Indonesian language version targets locals and businesses. It’s the best of both worlds as mySumatra brings travellers to Sumatra and helps connect them with local businesses and resources to assist visits or even long term stays. In short mySumatra is a travel website and a business directory.

All local Sumatran businesses added in Bahasa Indonesia will also be translated into english to make these businesses more accessible online. Vise versa all english articles / additions will be translated into Bahasa Indonesian to help promote local tourism and travel.

Travel Articles

Professional travel articles written on locations and attractions throughout Sumatra will also carry promotions and links to local businesses and travel deals that are found in that location added by you the local businesses and services. The more listings you make the more you exposure you will achieve throughout

How to add your Business or Service

Add your business or service to Simply register for FREE or a premium account to get access to the mySumatra admin and start adding your listings immediately. A breakdown of the prices for all accounts can be found below. 

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