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Top 10 Travel Tips in Sumatra


Indonesia lays in the archipelago with over than 17000+ islands. One of the biggest islands is Sumatra. Quiet place to feel the real adventure on hiking up the highest mountain Mount Leuser, rafting wild river of Alas River, spotting fancy and critically extinct animals in Leuseur National Park, riding the best world wave on surfing, visiting culture village, visiting beautiful lake Toba, and lots of other destinations. Meet nice and friendly locals nearby and enjoy delicious food around the villages. You may not find other places as good on such a small budget, the most affordable spending in Asia with many great places to discover. Here are 10 tips to help you on your travel across Sumatra. (more…)

Mount Kerinci

Mount Kerinci is the highest volcano in Indonesia and also the highest peak in Sumatra Island. Reaching 3805 meters from sea level, Mount Kerinci is an active Volcano located in Bukit Barisan (literally means “range of hills”) Mountain Range. This range dominates the Sumatran landscape from Aceh to Lampung. The last eruption of Mt Kerinci occurred on June 2 2009. (more…)

Flora and Fauna Heaven in Sumatra

Fancy spotting orangutan in the wild? Or other big game as Sumatra tiger, rhinos, bear and elephant? Find more quite place than Bali? – Mostly 90% of tourists go to Bali. Then get ready for looming large to Gunung Leuser National Park, special area of more than a million hectares of dense tropical rainforest in the north Sumatra. The National park has almost all that being offered from a tropical rainforest and a wild jungle. (more…)

The beauty of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra

Bukittinggi, when we talk about the natural beauty of the island of Sumatra  off course  we will not  be apart from this city. Ciity that become the  second largest city in West Sumatra is indeed a unique natural beauty. Within 95km from Padang city, this city can be reached in 2 hours by road either use a taxi or other public transportation. Located on a plateau in the midst of western Sumatra province, covering an area of 25 239 km2 city beautiful stretches of 27 hills and valleys are ready to make you chuckle in awe of the beauty of the relentless and featherbed your vision during the trip.


Elephant Conservation Center Seblat

Bengkulu has proved to possess a beautiful and exciting site for adventurous activities. Friends of mine told their stories of National Park Seblat in North Bengkulu Regency of Bengkulu Province in such a way that I found myself intrigued to be right there. What is meant by the park is the existence of Elephant Conservation Center in North Bengkulu. Do you feel curious about it?  Just read on my trip notes being there. (more…)