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To ensure the survival of Sumatran elephants, a wide range of conservation activities, projects, and programs are needed. These should include involving the captive population, representing a relatively high percentage of the total remaining population, and of high genetic value.

To be able to provide needed expertise for welfare and conservation of the captive elephant population Vesswic is in need of continuous fund raising for its Elephant Health Care Program (EHCP). In order to ensure reliable ongoing funding for its EHCP Vesswic is in need to develop more sufficient and sustainable fundraising strategies.

Vesswic was founded in 2003 by a group of Sumatran veterinarians with a special interest in wildlife medicine and conservation. Vesswic was legally registered as a non profit organisation on September 11, 2003, at the regional government of Medan/North Sumatra under the code 1060/YAY/PEND/2003.
The goal of Vesswic is to contribute to the conservation of Sumatran wildlife by providing various kinds of veterinary expertise and services. This is realised by conducting programs and activities managed directly by Vesswic, and by supporting programs and activities conducted by other organisations and institutions in Sumatra.

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