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Ecotourism and preservation walking hand in hand.

We believe strongly that ecotourism can help safeguard the still-untouched forests deep within the Kerinci Seblat National Park. With a growing population within a valley completely surrounded by protected land, and a severe lack of reliable employment opportunities, ecotourism goes a long way in giving people alternate means of income without further encroaching into the National Park. Protecting the rainforest is not just about wildlife and the environment – over 7 million people (about 15% of the total population of Sumatra) and 10 million hectares of agricultural land rely directly on waters that these forests provide, including the cities of Padang, Palembang, Jambi, and Bengkulu. Primary forests help to reduce flooding in the rainy season and reduce drought in the dry season – vitally important for people who live and work so closely with the land. They also capture millions of tons of carbon every year, and likewise produce oxygen, helping to slow the effects of climate change and giving us all a breath of fresh air.

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